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Our Mission

A business-friendly web page is the first impression the business community has of the State Purchasing Division. Our goal is to streamline the procurement process to provide more opportunities to the vendors, especially small businesses, women owned businesses, and minority owned businesses. With the cooperation of the staff and vendors, Nancy McIntyre will be evaluating the current purchasing process and seek assistance from the business community to ensure that all mutual goals are met. In the near future, we will be developing a "procurement survey" to get input from the users of the purchasing system and we look forward to receiving your comments.

The Purchasing Division will also be establishing a "task force" to discuss, develop and implement new improved procedures. Vendors and state employees will be trained in the new way of doing business. Agencies will have more freedom and authority to make purchasing decisions and the Division of Purchasing will conduct periodic reviews to ensure all procurement procedures are followed.

Once again, our goal is to ensure fair, prompt and equitable treatment of all persons who deal with the procurement system of the state. Thank you for your assistance.