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Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) shall mean a small business concern, owned and controlled by one or more minorities or women certified by the Rhode Island Department of Administration to meet the definition established by Chapter 37-14.1 of the General Laws of Rhode Island. A "small disadvantaged business" shall mean a minority business enterprise.

Pursuant to the provisions of Title 37 Chapter 14.1 of the General Laws, the State reserves the right to apply additional consideration to offers, and to direct awards to bidders other than the responsive bid representing the lowest price where:

  1. The offer is fully responsive to the terms and conditions of the Request, and
  2. The price offer is determined to be within a competitive range (not to exceed 5% higher than the lowest responsive price offer) for the product or service, and
  3. The firm making the offer has been certified by the R.I. Department of Administration to be a small business concern meeting the criteria established to be considered a Minority Business Enterprise.

Ten percent [10%] of the dollar value of the work performed against contracts for construction exceeding $5,000 shall be performed by Minority Business Enterprises where it has been determined that subcontract opportunities exist, and where certified Minority Business Enterprises are available. A contractor may count towards its MBE, DBE, or WBE goals 60% of its expenditures for materials and supplies required under a contract and obtained from an MBE, DBE, or WBE regular dealer, and 100% of such expenditures when obtained from an MBE, DBE, or WBE manufacturer. Awards of this type shall be subject to approval, by the Director of Administration, of a Subcontracting Plan submitted by the bidder receiving the award.

Small Disadvantaged Business shall refer to either a "minority business enterprise" or a "disability business enterprise".

For more information, visit the Minority Business Office website at: www.mbe.ri.gov