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Disk Based Bidding Information

RIDOT disk based bids have custom software designed for completing their bids. This information does NOT apply to RIDOT bids.

Associated Electronic Files

State Agency Solicitations with associated files will have the file(s) listed under the solicitation documents. To view, click on the solicitation number. It is the vendor’s responsibility to review all files listed under the solicitation documents.

File Format

Solicitations with associated ZIP files can be opened using the WinZip 8.1 software. The ZIP file will contain one or more files based on the type of solicitation. To download the WinZip 8.1 software, click here. The State of Rhode Island is not responsible for third party software.

Downloading the Files

Clicking on the file will allow you to open or save the ZIP file associated with the solicitation. Opening the WinZip file will download a copy to your computer's temporary directory.

Opening the Files

Once downloaded, you can open the ZIP file with WinZip and view the Microsoft Office or other files contained within the WinZip file.
Immediately save (extract) the individual files to an appropriate directory on your computer, such as "Desktop" or "My Documents".

Completing the Bid

Once the files are properly saved, open the individual files and enter the required information in the appropriate fields.
Save each file again to capture the new information you entered.

Submitting the Bid

Save the completed files to a CD. Label the CD with the Bid/RFP number and bidder's name (company name, not contract name).

                                                    Submit as instructed in the solicitation document