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This program is administered by the Governor's Commission on Disabilities. For more information about the Commission click here.

Disadvantaged Businesses. Rhode Island General Law (37-2.2-3.1) states that "it is the policy of the State of Rhode Island that small disadvantaged disability businesses [at least 51% owned and controlled by disabled person(s) shall have the maximum opportunity to participate in the performance of procurements...."

Certification of Disability Business Enterprise. RIGL 37-2.2-4 establishes a committee to review and approve applications for certification of DBEs, including businesses where at least 75% of the employees are disabled.

Purchasing Preference for DBE Products and Services. In addition, RIGL 37-2.3 requires that, when disabled employees constitute 75% of a nonprofit or for-profit enterprise's workforce, "all departments, institutions and agencies supported, in whole or in part, by the state shall purchase articles made or manufactured and services provided by persons with disabilities" provided that such services and products meet the needs of the purchasing entity.

Disability Business Enterprise Catalogue. RIGL 37-2.3-3 requires that "a list describing the styles, designs, sizes, and varieties of articles made by persons with disabilities and describing all available services and subcontract work which can be provided by those persons shall be prepared by the Governor's Commission on Disabilities...."

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