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Section A: Introduction
This section includes a short discussion of the Davis-Bacon and related Acts and their requirement and a brief explanation of wage determinations and their use.

Section B: Questions and Answers on the use of Davis-Bacon Wage Determinations
This section includes the answers to several of the most frequently asked questions about administration of the Davis-Bacon and related Acts.

Section C: All-Agency Memoranda Nos. 130 and 131
These memoranda contain basic guidance regarding the types of construction for which wage determinations are issued.

Section D: All Agency Memorandum No. 174
All Agency Memorandum No. 174 advises Federal contracting agencies concerning suspension of regulations that allowed the expanded use of helpers on construction projects to which the Davis-Bacon and related Acts apply, and reinstatement of the former rules. This action was taken in response to a 1994 Appropriation Act provision prohibiting Department of Labor implementation of the "helper" regulations.